Wild Life Tour

From the deep valleys of Himalaya to the lush escapes of Western Ghats to undiscovered forest treasure of North-west, India’s varied topography provides wonderful natural habitats to over 400 wildlife sanctuaries and more than 90 national parks. And this incredible range of flora and fauna marks country’s presence as a dreamland for thrilled wildlife holidays. Offering great opportunities to spot several endangered and common species, wildlife tour in India remains one of the most cherished moments of your life. From the endangered Bengal Tiger to national bird Peacock, let explore the richness of wildlife tourism in India with us.

Wildlife Tourism has grown to unsustainable proportions in many parks in India and is causing diverse problems. Yet, tourism cannot be wished away. Properly regulated and managed it can even be an asset to conservation.

While there are undoubtedly abundant opportunities for tourists to make positive contributions to wildlife conservation through the activities in which they engage and the facilities they visit there are sadly all too many instances where animals are exploited solely for financial benefit. In many cases, tourists may not even be aware that their visits are contributing to this exploitation, rather than contributing to conservation and protection efforts. As travellers, it is our responsibility to be informed and to make the RIGHT choices.




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